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Al-Ahram Plastic Industry is one of the largest Egyptian companies specialized in the manufacture and production of pipes for sewage, irrigation and nutrition. The first production of the company is the production of external and internal drainage pipes and connections from UPVC raw materials, white drainage with diameters from 25 mm to 160 mm in the German systems and The American and one of the feeding and irrigation products of polypropylene (PPR)

Starting from 20 mm to 110 mm, and the expansionary addition in 2017, the production of gray drainpipes and fittings with polypropylene (PPH) gaskets, starting from 32 mm to 160 mm in diameter, and also laying the foundation for the start of full production, starting from the year 2020 Gray (PVC) pipes were produced.

For gray drainage and irrigation works, pressure with diameters from 20 mm to 450 mm in various pressures. All Al-Ahram products are produced according to recognized Egyptian and international standards.

Previous work

Al-Ahram Plastic Industry always works to support Egyptian projects based on the existing trend within the Egyptian state and its contribution to achieving the state’s policy in the process of strengthening Egyptian industries and the Egyptian product.

Which is represented in obtaining the highest levels of quality for the local product, in competition with the imported products in terms of quantity and quality

As in terms of product quality, warranty and after-sales service

How to ensure competitive prices for local products in the face of the prices of imported products

The following is the previous work of Al-Ahram Company at the level of projects in force in Egypt:

We mention, for example,

Approval of Al-Ahram products in the following technical, engineering and consulting offices

  • Military Engineers Department, 509th Brigade, Mixed 580th Construction and Works
  • General Authority for Construction and Housing Cooperatives (Central Projects Administration) New Cairo
  • Urban Development Authority Administration (New Qena)
  • Urban Development Authority Administration (New Cairo)
  • Urban Development Authority Administration (New Minya)
  • Military Engineers Department, 49th Brigade, Inshaat
  • Technical Office of Military Engineers (New Ismailia website)
  • Technical Office of Military Engineers (New Mansoura)
  • Department of Military Engineers, 23rd Brigade, Battalion 32, R2 Construction
  • Department of Military Engineers, 23rd Brigade, Battalion 32, R1 Inshaat
  • Technical and Engineering Office of the Armed Forces (New October)
  • Technical and Engineering Office (The Arab Contractors Company)
  • Technical and Engineering Office (Tower Construction Company)
  • Technical and Engineering Office (KMH General Contracting and Construction)
  • Technical and Engineering Office (Mamalek Real Estate Development Company)
  • Consulting Engineering Office (Lotus) for designs and engineering consultancy

Previous work

The company’s management is trying hard to be one of the success partners in the Egyptian state

And that is through the application of quality standards and maintaining the state of presence of the Egyptian product within the giant Egyptian construction projects.

A contribution from it in the attempt to advance the Egyptian economy and contribute to the success of these projects

Al-Ahram Company is a major partner in these projects, and even exclusive to some of them, for example

(Dar Misr El-Obour project, first and second phases)

  • (New Cairo Pearl Project / New Cairo)
  • (Social and Medium Housing Project/ New Qena)
  • (Salam Housing Project, Heliopolis, Minya)
  • (Social Housing Project / Phase Three in the Industrial Zone / Minya)
  • (Social Housing and Medium Housing Project / New Ismailia City)
  • (Housing project of Dar Misr and Housing of Egypt / New Mansoura City)
  • (The construction of the residential neighborhoods D1-D4 for the residential neighborhood R2 in the new administrative capital)
  • (The construction of the residential neighborhoods of the residential neighborhood R1, the new administrative capital)
  • (Social Housing Project, North October Gardens – Dahshur site)
  • (The Future Housing Buildings Project – Ismailia City)
  • (Egypt Housing Project West Universities / New Cairo)
  • (Association Land Project – Fifth Settlement)
  • (Social Housing Project – Badr City)
  • (Armed Forces R2 Hotels Project, New Administrative Capital)
  • (Social Housing Project – New Port Said City)
  • (The Karma project, October 6th)
  • (Trips project 6 October)
  • (Moan Garden Project) New Nozha

Al Ahram supports many mega projects

Our Mission

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Our Vision

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